Ronda’s Precision

I’ve been watching and became a fan of Ronda Rousey’s during her time at Strikeforce. I just briefly wanted to comment on the amazing precision of her techniques; they truly put the “art” in martial arts. Today was no exception. It was more of the same putting Davis away with a turbo boxing combination to Thai clinch and knee to uchi mata to kasa katami beatdown of only 16 seconds. 16?! It can take me that long just to find my stance!

If you’ve never trained in martial arts or combat sports, it’s tough to explain how difficult and important timing can be in a match. She makes it look easy with her Olympic Judo base, but as usual, it was the speed, smoothness, and precision all together in those position changes…in 16 seconds. I don’t watch reality tv, and I know her personality causes problems with some, but again, the precision. No fighter is more precise and it comes across so clearly each time she fights. I’m glad she’s keeping busier with Hollywood because there really is nobody left for her unless the Cyborg fight happens. That said, so talented and so fun to watch.


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