Not an average weekend

I’m helping to make a movie. Not a Hollywood blockbuster or anything, but a short film by my friend and collaborator from a theater company I worked with for many years pre-kids. I wasn’t cast, but there is a Stomp-type found percussion element, so I was hired as the music/percussion arranger. Essentially, I’m an assistant director for the most important scene, which has been a great challenge. It’s set in a high school, so we’re working with a lot of youth actors too, so there’s, how do I put it nicely…lots of “energy”on set. The director wrote me in a little bit part too. That was nice of him. Go years of theater work.

Filming goes slowly minha gente. The sound editor and I got a lot of necessary recording work down, but man, I read way more Stephen King (Dark Tower V yo!) than did actual film work with the actors. Tomorrow should be hectic and productive as we try to wrap that big percussion scene beating the hell out of a science room. More to come as the filming wraps and the director works his magic, but I can say this: think a Good Will Hunting theme or not judging a book by its cover revolving around immigration. It’s my first work in film and I hope there may be more in the future.

As if movie-making wasn’t enough over the weekend, 311’s coming to town! Piss off Santa. I’ve been a fan since I was 12. They are the pride of Nebraska and the band that made me want to rock (and convinced me Nebraskans could indeed rock). This will be my 11th show. So, I don’t know, in my head it’s special cause it’s the 11th 311. Some know this, but I decided to play bass after hearing P-Nut beat that thang. Sexton is still the most precise and amazing drummer I’ve ever heard. Mahoney’s guitar melodies just keep innovating, and he owns the new album Stereolithic. S.A. hit his harmonies and the highs, Hexum hits his leads and rocks the Flying V…holy shit I’ve had a musical obsession with these guys more than almost everything in my life! 2/3 of my existence!! And hey, that’s ok. It’s actual pretty cool. Not many things, especially in art and music, last this long. They are one of the lone survivors of 90’s rock, not to mention one of the lone survivors of the hybrid mixing of so many dynamic styles so rarely heard these days. I love the new album and am thrilled to hear the new jams and nod my head to the, ahem, “oldies.”

I’m writing this now because I will be burnt out from filming all day and jumping, singing, and generally nerding out all night.